Register Online or By Mail 

Please click on the green "Online Form" button to do an online registration or click on the mail in form to print it out and mail it in.
You will need to have a paypal account for processing online. 

Details are at the bottom of the page for the most frequently asked questions. 

Turn Around Times for Registrations

Registrations are processed in a timely manner.  Please allow 3-4 weeks to receive your registration in the mail.  (It rarely takes that long). You can also check the herd book to see if it has been processed yet.  

If you have not received it within 4 weeks please email, our Registrar via email at [email protected] 

Hardship Application and Breeder's Certificate

Please click on the green button to do an online registration

**Hardships require the Zebu to be at least 24 months old, need a measurement and 4 photos (right side, left side, front view and rear view.
You will need to have a paypal account.
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Breeder's Certificate

Use this form to record the breeding of another member's cow. There are no fees associated with this form.

Online Form
Download Hardship Guidelines here
Currently no mail in form
Mail in Form

Registration Information Section

You may find the answers to your questions in this section.  

If you still need assistance please contact our Registrar at [email protected]

(407) 717-0084
If she does not answer, please leave a message and she will return your call at her next  possible time.  You can also send an email.

Report of Birth &

Hardship Special & Information

Transfers on Report of Birth and Registrations

When selling a calf that has not yet been Birth Reported, the breeder may submit the Birth Report and Transfer on the same document. 

Start by filling out the "Breeder" portion of the form with your information (you will be the first owner), then fill the information out for the "New Owner" on the form (they will be the second owner). 

Remember to fill out the "Date of transfer," this is the date the new owners took possession of their new Zebu.  You do not need to complete a separate Transfer Application for the new owner.  There will be no charge for the "Transfer" portion of this 

Remember to use membership numbers on all forms.  If you do not know them please visit the herd book to find it.   Online Herd Book
Our Hardship Registration Application  has been updated to include much more information to help you in getting your miniature zebus registered.  Please note that if you do not have a birth date for your animal, it must be estimated by checking with the breeder, former owner, your veterinarian or someone experienced in mouthing bovine to read the teeth for approximate age.  The animal must be at least 24 months old at the time of Hardship application.

Please note that you will need to do a Registration Application on all Hardship applications under the age of 3 years old when they become 3 years old.
If you have already "Birth Reported" your Zebu, and on the certificate you are listed yourself as "Breeder" and "Owner," the regular Transfer Fees will apply and a "Transfer Application" form must be provided to the new owner at the time of transfer.  Please note:  New photos are NOT required for a transfer.

Please note that you cannot Transfer on a Registration.  Please enter the registration and then do the online transfer second.

Steer Registrations

Returning Certificates

Member Profile Changes

There is no more need to return original Birth Certificates or Registrations when registering or transferring an animal on-line.  Please destroy the original Birth Certificate or Certificate of Registration when doing on-line registrations or transfers.

If you need to change your membership information (address, phone, email, website address, etc.), please
contact Kathy Petersen, our Webmaster  at the following email address:   [email protected]

Here are the basics for registering a steer at any age.
When registering a steer there are 2 ways to do it.
If the calf is from Both IMZA Sire and Dam, go online and click on Birth Report, click Select Correct Fee Type: $10 price will come up, click on steer, and simply fill out the birth report.
If one or both parents are NOT IMZA registered, go to Hardship Registration and clickSelect Correct Fee Type: $10 price will come up, click on steer. Fill out as much information as you can.