Due to the current circumstances and the restrictions involving Covid-19, the IMZA Board of Directors has decided to postpone the 2020 IMZA Annual Meeting that was scheduled for April 8th in Macon Missouri, until further notice.

The IMZA Board of Directors would like to extend a wish of good health to you, your friends and your family.

Annual Meeting


Important Organizational

Greetings IMZA Members, 

Most of you may have noticed the new upgrades to the IMZA online Herd Book.
You may now begin DNA testing your Mini Zebu with UC Davis/VGL and Affiliate the results with the IMZA if you so desire.

Please follow the instructions for DNA submissions carefully. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.
Please, only send DNA related questions and inquiries to [email protected]

Thank you, 
IMZA Board of Directors

Important Organizational

Exciting News and Updates
As you know we just had our annual meeting and what a huge success!  During all the fun and based upon member requests and suggestions, we would like to offer some reminders and also to inform our members of some recent changes to the IMZA rules:

 1.        Effective 8/1/2019, the price for hardship applications will increase.  The new fee will be $100 for members and $200 for non-members.  If you have some hardship applications you have been putting off, you've got 3 months to get them in at the lower rate!  Remember, not every hardship application will be granted.  It is up to the Hardship Committee to consider the information given and make a determination as to whether the animal will be IMZA registered.

2.       Report of Birth – The owner of the dam at the time of calving is to submit the Birth Report application for the calf to the IMZA and will be recorded as the "Original Owner" of the calf.

It has become far too common to have an animal sold multiple times, with no IMZA documentation, other than a birth report application traveling with the animal.  This rule requires the original owner to actually submit the Birth Report application to the IMZA.  This very important update will also discourage sellers from representing a calf as IMZA registered, when in fact no Birth Report Application has been submitted to the IMZA, and protects our valued members from purchasing a calf that is not yet registered and having difficulties getting the calf registered. 

3.       Terminology on the report of birth application:
-Breeder – the person who owns the dam at the time of breeding
-Original Owner – the person that owned the dam at the time the calf is born.

4.       Transfers – many animals are being bought and sold and the transfers are never submitted to the IMZA.  The registration certificate is traveling with the animal, but the transfer is not reported to the IMZA. Therefore, IMZA will now require all sellers to please submit the transfer to the IMZA upon the sale of an animal.  In doing so, you are ensuring the integrity of the on-line herd book and will help to ensure that the IMZA keeps all of its records up to date.  Open transfers of animals are not allowed under the IMZA rules and are considered poor practice. 

IMZA hopes that you note these new changes and embrace them,  as we continue to work hard for our members maintaining the highest possible standards.

​All Members