IMZA Sales Listing Feature
IMZA members may now list their animals for sale right in the online herd book.

1.  This feature is for IMZA Members only.

2.  Have your Member Number and Password ready.

3.   If you do not have a password you may obtain one by emailing the IMZA Registrar

4. Go to the online herd book 

5.  Scroll toward the bottom of the page and look for the MANAGE ADS link.   Click the link.
6. Log in using your Member Number and Password.

7.  Select the animal you wish to advertise from the drop down menu.

8.  Click Edit Ad.

9.  You may now place the asking price of the animal if you would like to have that public.
      You can also describe the animal in detail in the comments section if you choose to. 

10.  Once you have completed the price and comments click SUBMIT.

11.  You will get a confirmation and a link to view your advertisement.   If you find any errors or want to make changes simply repeat steps 1- 8.

* Advertisements will expire in 90 days automatically. 

* Check to make sure your contact information is up to date so buyers can easily contact you.  You may want to leave a second form of contact information in the comments box.