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Buyer's Guide

The IMZA is concerned that some sellers are advertising their Miniature Zebu as “registered” even though they do not currently have registration papers.  Some sellers may have the mistaken belief that all animals can be registered via the IMZA Hardship Rule.  This is not true.  NOT ALL ANIMALS SHOWING ZEBU CHARACTERISTICS CAN BE HARDSHIPPED.  Obviously, an animal that “may” be able to be registered via the Hardship Rule is not the same as an IMZA Registered Miniature Zebu.  If you are considering the purchase of an unregistered animal, (even if the seller assures you that the animal “can be registered”), please be aware that not all animals which “look like a zebu” will qualify, and there is no guarantee that an unregistered zebu can be registered with the IMZA.   Factors, such as height, conformation, display of zebu characteristics, etc., must be considered.

There are various designations and types of registrations within the organization, and each holds its own ranking of pedigree and quality. The IMZA would like you to review this Buyer’s Guide to better understand the registration process to protect you against false advertising practices and to ensure that you help to preserve the breed standards.  You can familiarize yourself with the IMZA breed standards at 
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